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Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> cenk: in the last segment rocky -- that's why you can visit tyt. "viewpoint" is next. john fuglesang senate republicans used a filibuster to block a vote on former senator chuck hagel for defense secretary. congratulations, harry reid, you built this. barack obama killed osama bin laden so republicans are killing the post office. thom hartmann joins us on that. republicans are still fighting each other. it is like a civil war with the south fighting the south. and eliot spitzer is with us tonight which is historic because you know conan's not going on jay. today is the birthday of carl bernstein, florence henderson is 79. also the birthday of keller and somewhere, somehow jimmy hoffa is celebrating his 100th birthday. we celebrate valentine's day to publicly demonstrate your affection with crap. this is "viewpoint." >> john: good evening, i'm john fuglesang. coming up, another state moves a big step closer to approving american equality and another conservative moves a big step closer to having a heart attack over it. bp pays billions in fines for the gulf oil spill then gets billion
Feb 13, 2013 5:00pm PST
tomorrow to host "the young turks." vip is next with john fugelsang. >> john: president obama gave his fifth state of the union address last night. there are many highlights, especially the moment where he mentioned governor romney and everyone in congress replied who? marco rubio proves it's possible to sweat profusely when you're standing in near darkness. and the voting rights act. two things that could hurt republicans come election time: voting and rights. kim novak is 80 and it's the birthday of peter gabriel. it's henry rollins birthday. [ ♪ music ♪ ] japan good evening i'm john fugelsang. coming up it's ha st. zinger, not r atzenberger my bad. and marco rubio channels his inner mitt romney before blaming god for last night's splashdown. and rand paul doubles the tea party's fun with the state of the united states address. president obama laid out legislative agenda including a hike to minimum wage. >> reader effort and determination with wages that allow working families to raise their kids and get ahead. >> john: he put it a little more strongly last night. >> obama: tonig
Feb 20, 2013 5:00pm PST
".com. "viewpoint" is next. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: today john mccain held a town hall meeting with he was heckled insulted and verbally abuseed so rudely by people who used to support him at one point he had to check a mirror just to make sure he wasn't chuck hagel. in a marriage equality ad, it's also the only commercial on tv that does not feature the progressive lady. why won't president obama sign the executive order for lgbt. today is the 86th bird of sydney portier, and the 50th birthday of charles barkley and had he live, it would be the birthday of kirk cobain as well. congress can, in fact, do stuff. this is "viewpoint"." [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: good evening i'm john fugelsang. thank you so much for joining us. with the budget sequester that would tut a trillion dollars from the budget, speaker of the house john boehner warned of dire consequences if it's allowing to through. a wall street journal opinion piece, you'll be shocked to hear blamed the entire mess on president obama. boehner named just a couple of things that he pushed through the house must be avoided
Feb 12, 2013 5:00pm PST
gotten him. we don't know yet. viewpoint is next. stay tuned. >> john: electing a democrat in in 2016, and a special f-bomb on why liberals need to shut occupy and let ted nugent talk as much as possible. and today is the birthday of charles darwin, abraham lincoln and happy 75th birthday to judy plume. 14 years ago today bill clinton was acquitted by the u.s. senate in his impeachment trial. 13 house republicans prosecuted him but only one of those congressmen ever made it to the senate after spending millions of taxpayer dollars in a failed partisan effort to humiliate and destroy a democratic president. that man's name? lindsey graham. here's "viewpoint." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: good evening, i'm john fugelsang, coming up in just over an hour president obama will deliver his fifth state of the union address to a politically polarized audience outside capitol hill and their polarized representatives and senators under the capitol dome. now current tv will be covering the speech in its entirety, and i'll be back to break it down with panel include current's cenk uygur and. m
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
" later tonight. "viewpoint" is next. >> john: washington, d.c. or as fox news put it, a few people loitered around outside the white house. tim tebow is so christian he's going to speak at a church whose pastor has hatred for jews and gay folks and catholics. since tim tebow thanks goode when he place football, does he have to thank football when he goes to church? tonight we launch wtf america where each week we'll highlight the most ridiculous stupidity of a different state. tonight we honor mississippi for finally ratifying the amendment that bans slavery after someone saw lincoln and realized they hadn't gotten around to it yet. today is the birthday of smokey robinson benicio del toro and it is the 540th birthday of nicholas cop in cuss, the mathematician who said the sun didn't move, the earth did. kansas is sure to start teaching that in public schools any day now. this is "viewpoint." >> john: good evening i'm john fuglesang. thank you for joining us tonight. coming up, the white house press corps demands complete transparency where the president's golf dates are concerned.
FOX Business
Feb 16, 2013 1:00am EST
show what does government do to create jobs? john: government can create jobs and pay people. >> macians can create rabbits. [laughter] not in the real world. [laughter] with the mayors -- aristocracy versus capitalism you can achieve success, not be bailed out then this economy creates jobs and allows people to move ahead as abraham lincoln said improve their lot in life. government hurts' opportunities come to keep people in their place and is not a how to create things. free the people. they will do its. [laughter] john: you may kitchen ventilation systems in the kitchen to suck up the bad air but government wants to make your business better so then they will help all of the of the if you focus on 79 pages of regulation, and many manufacturers are very small, it is too abstract it is impossible to read. >> notice of proposed rulemaking subsection 13, a complete missing in action is unintelligible then they try to make your fans used less electricity. so we have a paradox but he wants to regulate us to death so with creativity with the small investments made over a long pe
FOX Business
Feb 15, 2013 12:00am EST
morning and watched tv but my name was never mentioned. it was a dream. maybe someday. john: you often we're ignored by many but you did get more than 2 million votes in the republican primaries.n >> i was pleased, you always d want to do better if i wasi wase encouraged by the young people that showed up that is where i became more optimistic. i did watch some of theour "state of the union" messageat tonight i did not come out very optimistic with that but this -- addressing. on college campuses there is bw reason to be optimistic. >> young people, it is so different than my first got into politics in 1970. people do care about limited government. john: you did not attend many states of the union, i don't blame you. they will show up 10 hours early to be at the end of the aisle to get there face on tv. is a se >> i watched a little bitrrie tonight and i think it is like the circus and rushing in there to get the seats they will occupy a seat hours and hours before the jumping up and down in the rich will going through. the republicans get up or sit down old this when everybody g
FOX Business
Feb 17, 2013 9:00pm EST
california. john silva joins us to talk about his runaway markets, and chris stirewalt will straighten out as much of my political thinking as he can. thank you for joining us over this weekend. we hope you have a wonderful the era of big government is over but it's not. it is getting bigger. what is in store for our future? tonight. [applause] >> my audience and i just watched the state of the union. once again i am freaked out. president says he will not increase the deficit but the government will consume more money and more of my freedom that is what i heard. with someone who respects the dignity the individual, individual freedom if only ron paul would run for president. he is here. dr. paul why did you run for president? >> that is interesting had a dream that i did and i was doing very well and i won the primary in iowa and a look of the next morning and my name was never mentioned. i guess it was a dream but i thought about it. >> but you did get in the republican primary more than 2 million votes. >> deal is one to do better but i was very encuraged that is where i
Feb 16, 2013 1:35am EST
john: a debate over the role of government, sparked by the president's state-of-the-union address. did he find common ground or open a deeper divide? i'm john dickerson, in for gwen ifill. tonight, on "washington week." >> together, we have cleared away the rubble of crisis. we can say with renewed confidence that the state of our union is stronger. john: mr. obama tells congress and the nation he's got big ideas. >> i propose working with states to make high-quality preschool available to every single child in america. i propose a "fix it first" program to put people to work as soon as possible on our most urgent repairs. raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour. john: republicans see it as a sign to balloon the government. >> to make it to the middle class no matter where you start out in life, it isn't bestowed to us by washington. >> what's next? >> gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote! the families of aurora deserve a vote! john: covering the week, karen tumulty of "the washington post," todd purdum of "vanity fair," jeff zeleny with "the
Feb 21, 2013 9:00am PST
from these foundations and individuals: and by: and the annual financial support of: hello, i'm john lithgow. welcome to "american cinema." in "the man who shot liberty valance," john ford's great film a newspaperman says, "when the legend becomes fact, print the legend." that may not be good journalism but it makes a good western. the history of the western is often a history of legends, billy the kid, wyatt earp, the gunfight at the ok corral. not the real west, but a mythical place full of images that are uniquely american: the open frontier, the outlaw, the solitary, often reluctant hero. the western is also landscapes; a unique stage on which dramas from the american experience get played out. a young man rebels against his stepfather in "red river." an uncle becomes obsessed with finding his niece in "the searchers." a reformed killer is caught up in a vengeance out of control in "unforgiven." since "the great train robbery" of 1903, hundreds of westerns have been made. it's the great american form, our equivalent of classic greek tragedy, where we replay and reinterpret storie
Feb 19, 2013 7:00pm PST
om these foundations and individuals: and by: and the annual financial support of: hello, i'm john lithgow. welcome to "american cinema." in "the man who shot liberty lance," john ford's great film a newspaperman says, "whethe legendecomes fact, print the legend." that may not be good journalism but it makes a good western. the history of the western is often a history of legends, billy the kid, wyatt ear the nfht at the ok corral. not the real west, but a mythical place full of images that are uniquely american: the enrontier, the outlaw, the solitary, often reluant hero. the western is also landscapes; a unique stage on which dramas from the american experience get played out. a young man rebels against his stepfathern "red river." an uncle beces obsessed with finding his niece in "the searchers." a reformed killer is caught up in a venance out of control in "unforgiven." since "the great train robbery" of 1903, hundreds of westerns have been made. it's the great american form, our equivalent of classic greek tragedy, where we replay and reinterpret stories of america, as eli wal
Feb 16, 2013 2:00am PST
. once again, live from washington, sitting in for gwen ifill this week, john dickerson of "slate magazine" and cbs news john: good evening, this week, president obama gave the first state-of-the-union address of his second term. it was packed with almost 30 different policy proposals, some, like immigration reform, were familiar. others, like his call for expanding preschool and rating colleges, were new. it was a robust vision for a president engaged in hand-to-hand combat congressional republicans over the basic exchanges of government. still, the president said the country could afford all of it. >> nothing i'm proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime. it is not a bigger government we need, but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broad-based growth. john: , so, karen, if bill clinton kind the famous phrase that the era of big government over, did president obama launch the era of smart government? >> that's going to depend on what side of the aisle you were sitting on when you listened to the speech. but one thing about the speech, th
Feb 14, 2013 2:00pm EST
ever been successfully filibustered. john harwood, as we understand it, john, the white house still feels confident that chuck hagel will be confirmed but they also believe this tactic may work against the republicans later on. >> well, it's an interesting test, tamron, because, you know, the white house has adopted a posture of trying to call the republican's bluff on issue after kwusissue. the white house is counting on it working in the case of chuck hagel. the white house has been calling out republicans on this filibuster and you just hadden john mcsay a few minutes ago that we're going to get to a 51-vote sequester. the white house has had success so far -- but the signs are positive that hagel ultimately will be concerned, the question is how long and is there any possibility that hagel in the meechbt decides to step out and take himself out of the consideration, at least that's not what the white house wants. >> big picture here, though, john, our first read team says this is a reminder for all future legislative fights and nomination battles. we'll see over the next four ye
Feb 15, 2013 12:00pm EST
apply for john leopold's job ended about three minutes ago, and a number of local politicians are throwing their name in the ring. acting county executive john hammond is interested in filling in. other candidates include steven schuh, county counsel chair jerry walker, vice chair john grasso, thomas angelis, and former maryland first lady kendel ehrlich. the county council will interview the candidates vote on february 21. john leopold resigned after being convicted of misconduct in office. there is no chance you will get a new trial with his request being rejected as the judge said it was a without merit. he can still collect his state and county pension. sentencing is scheduled for march 14. the i-team continues to cover -- uncovered new details about a training incident that put a training in a hospital. the instructor has been identified as 46-year-old william kern. investigators say he accidentally grabbed and fired his duty weapon during a training exercise. the university of maryland baltimore campus trainee took a bullet to the head and remains in critical condition. offi
Feb 21, 2013 12:00pm EST
decide who replaces john leopold. jennifer franciotti has the latest in the race. >> a forum thursday night revealed several candidates looking to replace disgraced executive john leopold. leopold resigned this month after being found guilty of misconduct for the way he treated employees and used police detail. he still faces a civil suit for harassment. >> it is significant that we have a woman in this race. the activities that have gone on were embarrassing. >> former first lady kendel ehrlich is one of 16 republicans who want to fill the remainder of leopold's term, which ends in 2014. her competition includes delicate steven schuh and acting county executive john hammond. >> has been difficult in many ways, but i have come to the conclusion that i think i can bring the leadership to anne arundel county that it deserves. it is time to move the county forward. >> as for steven schuh, the businessman says he respects the competition but believes that his resume is strong. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police say a former johns hopkins gynecologist use spy equipmen
Feb 20, 2013 12:00pm EST
by a former john hopkins doctor. >>> good afternoon. i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. >> here's what people are talking about today the number of patients coming forward is increasing. women worry that their private parts are seen on video from the office of a former john hopkins doctor who killed himself. there are worries they have been posted online. wjz is live. mike schuh has the latest on an ever growing investigation. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. those are the top concerns. they are speaking out his patients. they are seeking legal advice and worrying that they're most private parts are being seen online. >> wjz learned that federal authorities are actively involved in the investigation of doctor nikita levy, the john hopkins gynecologist fired earlier this month accused of secretly taking pictures and video of his patients during examination. >> tracy williams is sick. >> what was he doing with the pictures and video? >> that's a being unknown. gynecologist í amphetamine í fete fetish porn is all over the internet. some claim to future videos
Feb 17, 2013 4:30am PST
owner, john basso, dresses up as a doctor and says the food in his restaurant is, quote, worth dying for. john almond was the volunteer spokesman at the heart attack grill in las vegas. he ate there every day. and, well, he just died of a massive heart attack. right outside the restaurant. the last spokesman, blair river, died too. he weighed 570 pounds. in 2012, two customers suffered heart attacks right in the restaurant. no less than 60 days apart. >> of course we've had heart attacks here. i wouldn't have it any other way. >> reporter: at heart attack grill, the unhealthier, the better. check out the menu. flatliner fries. butter fat shake. bypass burgers. >> it just warms my heart to see children come into the heart attack grill. >> reporter: this 8-year-old attempts to eat a burger dubbed the quadruple bypass. it has nearly 10,000 calories. >> it's absolutely slathered in lard. >> reporter: they celebrate extreme obesity. if you weigh over 350 pounds, your food is free. you think basso might feel bad about some of this. but he doesn't. not one bit. >> people wonder how i sleep
Feb 18, 2013 6:00am EST
that point was john taylor, rev. john taylor. and john taylor is an intellectual. he is very complicated. he is a bit torn about nixon. and he admired nixon's mind. and he wanted nixon's library to be credible. now, i don't believe that every member of the nixon foundation shared john's intellectual goal. he really wanted the cold war historian. he knew who i was because i had worked on the project with pda. i just let the materials speak for themselves. i write books, but on different subjects. john taylor wanted me, too. he was hired by then-president george w. bush. my first book is about the cuban missile crisis. both of them wanted me. they came to me. i did not apply for the job. from the beginning, i said, look, i am a historian. we have to have a place where history is so comfortable. i am not a member of the republican party. i am not partisan crowd i am now going to become a member of the republican party. and that is aside from the fact that i was gay. i told them come if you want this, this is what you will get. i was very straightforward. i spoke with julie nixon
Feb 21, 2013 6:00pm EST
next county executive. we are here because of the resignation of john leopold two weeks ago, just days after his conviction on misconduct in office charges of how he misused his the tell and the personal chores he made some of his employees perform. the acting county executive john hammond has been decade in county positions. kendel ehrlich wants to get back in the political arena. she said if the selected tonight she will not run when the current term ends in september 2014. john kerry held the position back in the 1990's. peter all republicans because by county law, the replacement must be in the same party as the former office holder. the winner will get a simple majority of the council vote tonight. if they don't vote for some reason, they still have seven days to make a choice. >> i am sure you will have an update for us tonight at 11:00. we are hearing tonight from some of the patients of dr. nikita levy, who took his own life days after being accused of photograph in patients without their knowledge. lowell melser has the latest for us. >> city police tell us more than 300
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm EST
check in with john collins. >> temperatures were cold, we did not get out of the '30's. and the wind made us feel much cooler than on that. we essentially pulled in some of these clouds, these dots on the radar producing some snow showers. nothing measurable, only trace amounts. it still felt like winter. its debt in winter and in new england where the center of the storm is coming near nova scotia. what happens after this? forecast just ahead. >> we are monitoring the recovery and tonight we're live from rosedale where they're holding a fund-raiser for young dakota. >> 7-year-old dakota is well on the way to recovery. >> thank you, everybody. i love you guys. >> that's dakota. he's enjoying all the people who came to support him today. he has had a difficult to and have -- two and a half months. and a number procedures at johns hopkins hospital. he even went back to jim class. >> when i went and saw him in the e.r. i never would have expected this, you know? now to look at him and see that he will be able to play sports again, it's just incredible. >> dakota may have some difficulty
Feb 21, 2013 6:00am EST
details on a meeting to replace john leopold. >> these interviews will take place in public. public in views of all 16 candidates. it was last friday that was the filing deadline to fill the remainder of john leopold's term. he resigned after a judge found him guilty of misconduct. among the candidates, john hammond, kendel ehrlich are in contention. >> we begin the process of pursuing a new vision for anne arundel county and make our county a model for the rest of maryland. >> several have said they will not seek election once the term ends. reporting live, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a former gynecologist secretly recorded his patients. dr. nakita levy used spy devices including a pen camera. hundreds of potential victims have already come forward and it hot line has been set up to field more calls. some are stunned. >> i gave anesthesia frequently for him when he was delivering babies. he is an excellent physician. his patients liked him. it is shocking. >> dr. levy took his own life 10 days after he was fired. >> one juror is surprised that johnson is a filing for a
Feb 21, 2013 1:00am EST
, we'll see you tomorrow night, now it is time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. >>> john boehner now claims he had nothing to do with the dreaded sequester, even though he voted for it. even some republicans are not letting him get away with that little fib. >> repetition, is it the mother of all yearning as spending cuts loom. >> are the republicans willing to compromise? >> finger pointing? >> we're still knee-deep in the blame game. >> who thought of this idea? >> i made it perfectly clear i don't like the sequester. >> that the sequester was leverage to extract entitlement cuts. >> i got 90% of what i wanted, i'm pretty happy. >> congress is out this week. >> they're taking this week off. >> which says something, i suppose. >> this all began in 2011. >> both sides did agree to the sequester. >> it is a very dumb thing, just stupid. >> the way it is structured? >> it is like a situation of dumb and dumber, moving on. >> things are still moving forward on immigration. >> john mccain really took some heat. >> just ask john mccain. >> you're a senator with the federal gov
Feb 20, 2013 2:00pm PST
. we start tonight with the tea party and what it does to someone like john mccain. i told you it would come to this and now we've got the proof on camera. a party that spits at its leaders listens only to the loudest, angriest person in the back row. boehner is nothing to this crowd. it never heard of kantor. mitch mcconnell, a nobody. what matters to the republican far right are the few to dare to be even further right. now the huffington post editorial director. the 2013 version of john mccain version took on his constituents who looked like a room full of right wing 2010 mccains with their anti-immigrant build a fence talk. here's a bit of his exchange, if you want to call it that, with angry right wing tea partiers. >> why didn't the army go down there and stop 'em? because the only thing that stops 'em, i'm afraid to say, and it's too damn bad, but is a gun. that's all that will stop 'em. >> the border is 2,000 miles long, sir. i don't know how many troops and army people you think would have been required. i don't know how many you think would be required, but i'll give you
Feb 15, 2013 6:00am PST
predecessor john paul ii. they will look for somebody who will continue the same ol' outdated policies. with this new conclave, you may get a new face for the catholic church, but it will be the same ol' stuff. and it ain't goting to work. see you back here go ahead on monday. >> this is "the bill press show." ♪ theme ♪ stephanie: ok, then, hello happy friday, everybody. jacki sheckner had to do an emergency valentine's day intervention last night. >> yeah. stephanie: we were having a rough valentine. however, we did not just get off a carnival cruise ship. >> so you're not covered in crap. stephanie: emotionally i am. >> i did administer tough love. stephanie: that's what you're good at. >> get over it. stephanie: get off the cross somebody needs the wood. >> she always feels good calling me and then whatever, get off the phone. stephanie: i get my tough love and i know she's got other people to move on to. >> pity party we wrap it up. stephanie: we're on a schedule here. stephanie: b.f.f. in the current news center, jacki sheckner. >> president obama will welcome president napoli
Feb 12, 2013 8:00pm EST
broadcasting. major support for frontline is provided by the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant and peaceful world. more information is available at additional funding is provided by the park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. and by the frontline journalism fund, with a grant from scott nathan and laura debonis. >> polls open across the... >> it's going to be a fierce battle for control of the house and the senate... >> one of the most closely watched midterm elections in years... >> decision day, voters across america head to the polls for midterm elections, with control of congress hanging in the balance... >> 435 house seats are in contention... >> and on top of that, 37 senate races and 37 governor's races will also be decided today... >> narrator: november 2010. president barack obama anxiously waited for the midterm election results. >> you can't understand what happened in the budget crisis that ensued, and that still hovers, without understanding the 2010 elections, because
Feb 13, 2013 4:00am PST
leader, the consummate political insider: the new speaker of the house, john boehner. >> i now pass this gavel and the sacred trust that goes with it to the new speaker. god bless you, speaker boehner. >> he is a career politician, ohioan, hard scrabble upbringing. arrived in 1990, was part of the gang that went after the democrats over the bank scandals. rose to power, became a dealmaker. >> narrator: boehner had served ten terms in the congress, carefully working his way up the leadership ladder. >> john boehner regards himself as an institutionalist, a guy who really loves, reveres even, the house of representatives. >> narrator: but now, boehner would have to lead a class of insurgents. >> i don't think he knew what had fallen into his lap. i don't think he recognized that this was going to be such a hard ride. >> house republicans in the 112th congress plotted strategy. >> narrator: the week after they were sworn in, boehner and the house republicans headed to a private retreat in baltimore. >> two and a half days of presentations... >> narrator: they came together to bond and
Feb 15, 2013 1:00am EST
. >> that's right. senators john mccain and lindsey graham will vote to end debate on the confirmation of chuck hagel, eventually, but today, they just didn't feel like it. they towed the party line and voted to block hagel's nomination. the procedural vote failed 40-58 with one senator voting present and one senator not voting. 54 democrats voted in favor as did four republicans. no cabinet member nominated for a national security post has ever been filibustered. only two cabinet secretary nominees in history have been filibustered. both eventually cleared their cloture votes 85-8. and both were eventually easily confirmed. today, senate majority leader harry reid knew he did not have the votes to clear the republican procedural hurdle, but scheduled a vote anyway to demonstrate this. >> republicans have made an unfortunate choice to ratchet up the level of destruction here in washington. there's nothing going to change in the next ten days about the qualifications of chuck hagel. i guess to be able to run for the senate as a republican in most places of the country you need to have a re
Feb 18, 2013 1:00am PST
child and then called her a racial slur. >>> the murder of john lennon and letters surfacing from his killer to the arresting officer. we're talking to the former cop. >>> and a favorite american whiskey reverses course after fans get angry over a formula change. >>> hello, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm don lemon and we want to get you up to speed on the day's headlines. sports history has been made today, and a boy's club no more. danica patrick has won the pole at the daytona 500, breaking 196 miles an hour in one qualifying lap. she's the first woman to win the pole at daytona or any sprint cup race. i interviewed danica a while ago and stay right there, and i will show you the full conversation in a few moments. >>> massive spending cuts are coming, and you should get ready for them and that what wyoming republican john barrasso said this weekend. remember the fiscal cliff a couple of months ago? democrats favor raising taxes and other alternatives to across the board cuts. so another deadline and countdown and plenty more budget fighting on capitol hill. >>> a top white ho
Feb 20, 2013 8:00pm EST
, and welcome to "the ed show" from new york. john boehner plays the blame game again. it exposes the weak underbelly of the republican party. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> i don't like the sequester. >> the outrageous, phony fight to blame the president reaches new lows. >> i would liked to have not had the guester in the first place. >> john boehner's sequester lies are exposed. republicans refuse to compromise, and the middle class americans are nine days away from getting the shaft yet again. dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz weighs in. >>> a hack job drives the right-wing assault on president obama's pick for defense. tonight the source of the friends of hamas spear has been identified. and it is truly a joke. >>> plus, disgusting cuts to unemployment cripple the poor in north carolina. the pizza man goes on fox news and calls obama voters stupid? >>> and the man who gave the world sarah palin is getting destroyed by tea partiers in arizona. >> you said build the dang fence where. is the fence? >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. s
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